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Vitamin B12 Inhaler

Smooth is the worlds first all-natural vitamin B12 aromatherapy inhaler that gives you a boost of natural energy for your active lifestyle.

The inhalation science and research behind Smooth Aromatherapy technology goes back a half century and is proven to effectively convert vitamin B12 into vapor. 10-20 puffs is equal to the amount of B12 found in a typical B12 shot. 

Inhale natural energy. Vegan & cruelty free. No caffeine. No nicotine.

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Worlds First Vitamin Inahler

  • Energy

    Get a daily energy boost with this convenient, disposable vitamin inhaler. With Smooth, you have easy access to a direct source of vitamin B12 throughout your busy day. 

  • Natural

    Non habit forming, no calories. vegan, and made with natural ingredients. A great addition to cessation programs.


    This unique disposable aromatherapy inhaler allows you to enjoy energizing ingredients in a whole new way. Where ingesting a substance takes time for the body to absorb, inhaling mist enables instant absorption for immediate effects.


    Vegetable Glycerin USP, Deionized Water, Organic Fruit Flavor Extract, Vitamin B12 

Melatonin Inhaler

Bedtime routines are critical to maintaining consistent sleep patterns. Inhalation aerosol technology has evolved to allow rapid-absorption of Melatonin in just a few breaths. Getting an extra 30 minutes of shut-eye per night is a step in the right direction to making positive lifestyle choices that transform your well-being.

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How do I use it?

Open the packaging, remove the silicone tip from the mouthpiece, and inhale from that end. Breath in and out naturally. There is no button or anything else you need to do.

Take 5-10 breaths whenever desired. There is no upper-limit on the amount of B12 you can have in any given day.

5-10 breaths is approximately 333 mcg of B12 (>8,000% Daily Value) and there are 30 such servings in each diffuser (30 x 333).

When it runs out, throw it away – you’ll know it’s out because no more vapor will come out and the LED will no longer light up.

How do I know when it’s out?

The LED light at the bottom of the vaporizer will stop lighting up, and no more vapor will be produced when inhaling.

Can I take too much B12?

According to WebMD: “Even at high doses, vitamin B-12 seems fairly safe. Experts have not found a specific dose of vitamin B-12 that’s dangerous. No tolerable upper intake levels have been set.”

Is Smooth an E-cig?

Negative! An E-Cigarette contains nicotine where as Smooth DOES NOT contain any NICOTINE or TOBACCO. Instead Smooth devices contain the highest grade nutritional supplements sourced from the United States.

How long should my Smooth Inhaler last approximately?

Usage varies per product, and of course everyone inhales differently. If used accordingly, a Smooth Inhaler should last you 1-3 weeks. However, if you are using your Smooth sporadically, for example, items like Smooth Energy or Sleep. A Smooth can last from 40-60 days.

What type of battery do you use and are they safe?

We have chosen Lithium polymer batteries because they are even safer than traditional Lithium batteries. Polymers are used in the batteries to make the batteries more resistant to damage, which helps keep the dangerous chemicals from leaking. 

We also only use a battery with 130 mAh capacity, which makes it one of the safest batteries to use.

Are your products Vegan and Gluten free?

The Answer is Yes. Smooth Inhalers do not contain ANY Gluten and is 100% Vegan Friendly.

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